Monday, February 17, 2014

My House Tour on Style Me Pretty Y'All...and My Last Post of Sorts

Hi friends.

It's Family Day here in Ontario so a holiday of sorts...I'm in the car on my way to visit the parental units as we speak.

And since it's a special day, I thought it the perfect one to do a behind the scenes post about my Style Me Pretty shoots (which you can read here and here).

Having the feature up on a site that I've loved for longer than I can remember, well...let's just say it's a total dream come true.

And when combined with photography from the ridiculous talented, Ashley's a bit too much happiness for me to handle.

Let's start with the basement...

As you might remember from the very first post about the project, I was thrilled when
Home Depot asked me to partner with them to complete the transformation.  And with help from my very talented architect Wallace Brown and amazing carpenter/contractor Allen Dawson, we were able to put this together...

A few sponsor notes:

1. Thank you Home Depot!!! The tile in the bathroom and laundry and laminate flooring throughout are more perfect than I had hoped...and sooooo low maintenance...perfect for the basement.

2. The amazing silk rug in my daughter's room really set the tone for the entire space...a massive thank you to eCarpet Gallery for making that happen.

3. My anewall mural is one of my most favourite things in the downstairs family room...if you aren't already in love with their inventory, check it out here.

4. Many people have emailed about the TV was made by my carpenter Allen...if you're in the GTA and want one of your own, email away:)

Next, the foyer...

Since it was last shot for Style at Home, I've swapped out the Barbary Barry desk in favour of this vintage tessellated stone works much better because it's so narrow- leaves more space to move around in there.  I also changed the runner for probably the millionth time to this vintage Beni dude...he hides the dirt really well and is pretty.

Moving's the kitchen...

Since it's last feature, I've changed out the gold chairs for these Panton ones...they're just so much more durable and easy to manage with the kids.  Also, I finally got around to swapping out the stove hood- it was the one thing I wasn't happy with when the kitchen first got renovated and I'm thrilled with the new clean/square white number- it does a much better job of disappearing into the wall then the old floating stainless one...another thanks to Allen on that front.

The room that probably changed the most before this shoot is the living room...

I really wanted to give it a more streamlined/modern feel than it's previous incarnation so I got rid of the two seating areas, tufted ottoman, gold console and chinoiserie cabinet.  I also took down the TV and art wall and replaced it with that giant amazing painting from Jen Mann...obsessed with it.  On the opposite side, the portrait from Stephanie Vovas is also a very I said in my 'Behind the Blogger' feature, art is what I think the MOST important thing in any space is- couldn't love these two new additions to my collection more.

As for the room itself, I also added in a pair of Alky chairs which aren't shown in the feature but love them lots as well.

Going upstairs, there's Scarlett's room...

...and Jasper's...

Both of which make me incredibly happy...they're very much reflective of the little loved ones who inhabit them and when designing for others, I think that's as good as it gets:)

As part of the Style Me Pretty Living feature, I included an exhaustive source list so if you're wanting info in that regard, click over there.

And I think that's my house in a nutshell....all that's really left to be done is our master and ensuire bath...hoping they get done someday;)

For now though, the house is done and I've got lots of other fun project work on the go to keep me busy, along with a new website that's launching TOMORROW!!!!!

So with that official news, I need to take a minute to thank you my readers for sticking by me over here on good old Blogger since my very first post way back in October of 2010.

It's hard to believe that this marks my very last ever post over here but as one door closes, another one opens as they say...and I literally can't wait for this giant one to reveal itself...the making of my new site has been an absolute labour of love...working on it with the infinitely talented 
Erika Brechtel from Small Shop and fabulous developer Zoe Rooney, has been just the bestest (more on that after the new site launches) and I'm sooooo happy to tell you that  things are all ready to go.

PS..If you find you aren't able to comment on this post, it's because we're gearing up for the transfer so stay tuned...this will be live on the new site as well tomorrow.

So....a farewell from here and a huge welcome tomorrow over at!!!!



  1. Can give me the details of the sink in the guest bathrrom.

  2. yeah, I can't handle the amazingness. seriously, there's so much good here that I'll be coming back for days on end. loved the feature and all that you've done!

  3. EEEEK!! Two of my HUGE LOVES!!! YOU + ERIKA = nothing short of lovely elegant style!
    Can't WAIT!
    P.S. THAT is what I was dying for today! hahahaha... waiting till tomorrow! HA!

  4. Hi Christine,
    Your house looks amazing! Congrats! I love the sink in the bathroom as well. Would you please share who is by?

  5. There are no words! My jaw is on the floor right now! It's simply amazing!

  6. Gahhhh your home gets me every time! Seriously my favorite.

  7. Amazing work! So many bits and pieces to love.

  8. your house is SOOO beautiful!!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. Where did you get the llama/alpaca for the nursery? I love it!


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