Monday, November 18, 2013

Holiday Reveals - Ava's Room / #projectlittlemiss

Because I'm putting together a totally new site, I've had to get my act together and take some photos of completed projects, which means...

I've got some exciting stuff to share, and since the holidays are upon us, I've decided to give you lovelies the gift of reveals every week until the big day arrives...

Untitled #78

And to kick the fun off, I thought I'd show you one of my all time favourite projects...a little girl's room I designed for a friend of mine and her daughter Ava...I called this one #projectlittlemiss

The pictures...

And some of the details...

Wallpaper - Nina Campbell Perroquet
Bed- Homeowners 
Desk- Custom painted in FB Pink Ground and Pitch Black - Petits et Jolis
Birdcage- Custom painted in FB Pink Ground - Black Rooster Decor
Curtains- Custom made by client's mom (amazing seamstress)- Fabric is Schumacher's Lace- purchased from the Designer's Attic
Ceramic Dog- Circa Who
Moroccan Wedding Blanket- Beyond Marrakech
Bedding - sheets/Kate Spade, pink solid pillows/IKEA, gold floral pillow/Pillotopia, ruffle pillow/HomeSense
rug- RugsUSA
Chandelier- Custom painted - Etsy
End Table- purchased from me (used to be in Scarlett's room)
Dresser in closet- Petits et Jolis
Mirror- Horchow
Settee pillow- Pillotopia
Artwork- heart/Kol Kid, antique girl/Petits et Jolis, girl by desk/ The Black Apple
Gold chair- Pillotopia
Closet Carpentry- Allen Dawson
Custom Painting- Tim Welsby

You can read some more about how this project started, a few herehere and here, and some Instagram reveals here and here.
I'm pretty in love with the whole thing- it's totally a little jewel box of a room for a little jewel of a girl.
And the most important part, she loves it too so happy kid, happy designer.
And with that, I'm off to get ready for a little TV shoot action...heading down to CBC today to film a little Steven and Chris...let the nervous excitement commence.
More reveals coming soonly!


  1. how sweet!! All the patterns, textures, and delicately soft colours … Ava must be super happy to go to her room everyday!

    Love that handsome doggie and hello to that settee from Black Rooster!

    Love Holidays Reveal!! can't wait to see more every week!

  2. That. Room. Is. Everything. Lucky girl. You are so, so talented.

  3. Cutest
    Ever! Love the wallpaper….and that special Kravet fabric on the pillow which I have tried to use so many times!

  4. I adore this! Love the closet and the mexican wedding blanket bedding! Fantastic job. Dream realized!
    xo Nancy

  5. Srsly, you are talented. That's all. :) xo

  6. Love the paper and the settee. What a special room!

  7. So beautiful, all of it! The wallpaper is A.MAAAAZING and it pulls it all together. Mirror, dresser, desk, wowza! Lovely little girls room!

  8. LOVE this room! Good luck on your segment-you'll be amazing as usual :)

  9. This room is pure magic! That wallpaper is just so beautiful, amazing work!

  10. Love the way the light bounces around that room, and on the Peroquet. Beautiful job, Christine.

  11. sheesh. every detail is perfect. the dog and the bird cage thingy. awesome. you have given me some inspiration with that closet sitch.

  12. what a sweet room! i love all the little details. xo jillian

  13. Of course she loves it, it's gorgeous!! Well done, Madame.

  14. Yahooooo, what a lucky little girl! You killed it!

  15. Seriously one of my all time favorite rooms! From the wallpaper to that wedding blanket! So perfect.

  16. What a beautiful bedroom. Thanks for choosing to use a few of my pillows for this great space!Break a leg today too! {}

  17. This is just so gorgeous and wonderful..I was smiling the whole time looking at it. Since I usually have to rein it in to stop myself from decorating my apartment like a five year old girl's room (what can I say, I love pink and I love ruffles!), this is obviously right up my alley :). I would have loved this as a little girl and I love it now! Absolutely stunning, happy, girly...perfect.

  18. Beautiful as always! Love it!
    What a lucky girl :)

  19. I don't care that this is meant to be a little girls room, this 26 year old would move in immediately! This is my fantasy 'if I were single and could make my home so girly it hurts' room. Great job as always!

  20. What a whimsical and charming room! Wow, you have surpassed yourself once more.

  21. You've done a fantastic job of creating such a gorgeous space, your work is just... Inspiring. I've been reading your blog for a while now and I have to admit that seeing you create a beautiful space in your own home and in others has truely inspired me to leave my career in finance for work in a custom furniture showroom and manufacturer. I really just want to say thank you.

  22. The Secret Garden meets Paris!

    Christine,you've created such a divinely,delightful space, if I were Ava I would never want to leave this room ~très jolie


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